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Incline Speed Walking and Why You Should Try It

Incline Speed Walking and Why You Should Try it!

For those of us with sedentary jobs, it’s a constant worry that we’re not up standing or getting some sort of regular movement in throughout the day. While you should absolutely make an effort to get up and walk around every hour, when you go to the gym, you can do something else to really power up your workout. Incline speed walking! So why is this such a great exercise?

Serious Calorie Burn!

First of all, you’re burning calories just like you would on a hike. Throw in a few boulders to step over and the only thing missing would be the fresh mountain air. It’s possible to burn up to 150 calories with this one activity, depending on your weight and the incline level you choose.

Increased Heart Rate!

Your heart rate goes up, which improves blood flow to all the areas of the body, including those you’re sitting on most of the day and not using. It’s healthy distribution of nutrients to your back, legs and feet and gets them up and active. Also, this is one exercise that is fairly easy on your knees and less jarring than jogging or running.

Burn Fat & Build Muscle!

The muscles and joints that you use for incline speed walking are those that are specifically neglected most of the day. Your hips, thighs, calves, lower abs—all of these are engaged when you’re on the treadmill like this. So not only are you burning fat but you’re building muscle. On top of that, you end up with toned legs from top to bottom. If you’re considering something else besides running for a while, start incline speed walking and see if you prefer that. Your body doesn’t suffer as much in terms of hitting the treadmill hard every step, you burn calories and fat at high rates and it exercises all those parts of the body that seem to enjoy sitting in the chair every day at work. Work is necessary to pay the bills, but you have to take care of your body at the end of the day, and this could be a great way to start doing that! Ask your trainer for more details and see what kind of regimen they recommend for cardio activities like this and more.


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