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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to YCRC!  Joining a Health Club will often be the start of a healthier lifestyle. We value each and every member. To answer some of your questions and to make getting started easier, here are a few tips to help make your initial (and hopefully ongoing experience) one that you will enjoy!

  1. Will I receive instruction regarding use of the equipment and which equipment will benefit me?

    • When you sign up, everyone on your membership who is 14 years or older will receive a 1-hour appointment with a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Your CPT will begin setting you up on a program designed to meet your fitness goals and show you how to use specific machines. Children ages 12 and 13 are entitled to a 1 hour junior workout session as well. Guardian or parent must stay with the child during that session. Your membership advisor will sign you up for your first appointment. Personal Trainers are available on a weekly basis.

  2. Does YCRC have social media handles?

    • Yes, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. What should I wear to the club?

    • Comfortable lightweight clothing is the key. As you burn calories your body temperature will increase and clothing that will allow some heat to escape is ideal. Comfortable, well fitting, fully enclosed athletic footwear is required on the gym floor and most group exercise classes. If you are playing tennis, wear court shoes with non-marking soles. Regular running shoes will damage courts and are more likely to cause injuries. If you are swimming, you may wear a t-shirt, swim shorts, and water appropriate shoes.

  4. How do I check in and get a locker?

    • Each time you come to the club you will self check in at the front desk with your membership card. If you need to utilize a locker, you do not need to bring your own lock and key. We have open lockers available to place your belongings in and you create your own temporary pin number to lock and reopen the lockers.

    • If you would like to have a permanent locker, we have a limited number of lockers in each locker room for rent. Ask one of our Membership Advisors for details and availability. Personal locker rental rates are $20 per month and you can cancel with a 30-day notice.

  5. How do I join a group class?

    • All members 14 and older are able to attend classes listed on the “Group Exercise” schedule. Members 11-13, may attend classes if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. You do not need to sign up for a class ahead of time, simply show up for the class at the time it is offered.

  6. May I bring a friend to the Club?

    • Absolutely! We encourage bringing someone to our facility! If your friend lives locally and has never visited our club, it would be our pleasure to host them so they can experience YCRC. Contact a Membership Advisor for further details. Day passes can be located on our website at  Ask about our member referral perks as well!

  7. What are the guidelines for my children?

    • Members age 14-17

      1. Access to the entire facility at YCRC as well as Rancho Cortez without an adult present as long as they have a signed par-q (health waiver) on file with the membership office and they continue to follow all rules and regulations.

    • Members 11-13

      1. Access to classes on the Group Exercise schedule when a parent or guardian attends the class with them and received instructor permission.

      2. Ages 12 and 13 receive a Junior Workout program which involves one session with our CPTs in which the trainer will show the individual how to utilize certain machines in the Club. Once they have finished the session, they can work out with a parent or guardian present, on the machines shown to them by the trainer. (Parents MUST attend the initial Junior Workout session.)

      3. Access to basketball, tennis and pickle ball (basketball, racquets and tennis balls are provided upon request at the Front Desk)

      4. Indoor pool during family swim (Sat & Sun 12pm - 7:30pm)

      5. Rancho Cortez may be used with an adult 18 years or older.

      6. Children unable to stand in the pool or swim safely must be under the immediate supervision of their parent regardless of whether an attendant or lifeguard is on duty.

    • Members Age 0-12

      1. Nursery/Kidz club (4 weeks to 12 years)

      2. Babies 0-1 yr can stay for a max of 1 hour.

      3. Outdoor Pools and Outdoor Jacuzzi: Rancho Cortez & Main Club
        Members 0-13 years old may swim in the outdoor pools and must always be directly supervised by a Parent or Legal Guardian regardless of Attendant or Lifeguards on duty.
        Please refer to complete “Rules and Regulations”

      4. Rancho Cortez may be used with an adult 18 years of age or older and have Full Club Family or Full Club One Parent memberships. Please see the membership department to upgrade your membership to Full Club or Family plans.

      5. Indoor pool during family swim (Saturday and Sundays 12-7:30pm) any age, 13 and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

  8. Are tennis lessons, swim lessons and massage included in my membership?

    • Yes we offer tennis lessons, swim lessons and massage!

    • When you first join the club, you will receive 1 complimentary tennis lesson and 2 new member clinics. If you would like additional lessons, flyers are available with rates and information.

    • Massage is scheduled in 30, 60 and 90 minute increments. ( Member and Non-Member can purchase for themselves or as a gift)

    • Contact the club directly to schedule any of these mentioned services.

  9. Does YCRC offer Pilates Reformer?

    • Yes, we offer private one on one sessions and group Pilate’s sessions. All members are required to take a complimentary intake form prior to starting a Pilate’s program. 

  10. How can I open a Club Charge Account?

    • If you are interested in charging items to your account at the snack bar or front desk, all account charges will be processed and billed on the 5th of the following month as a separate charge. Parents may set limits for their children. Please see Membership Advisor to set up this option.

  11. How do I sign up to use a Tennis or Pickle Ball court?

    • Full Club members have access to Tennis and Pickle Ball courts and Basketball. Tennis & Pickle Ball courts are on a first come, first served basis. Please check in with the Front Desk attendant for a court assignment and which court you will be using. On rare occasions, if all tennis courts are in use, a 1 hour usage time limit applies.

  12. What items are there at the front to sign out for day use?

    1. Tennis racquets , pickle ball paddles, tennis balls, basketballs, and volley balls. See front desk for availability.  ( Rancho Cortez has tennis racquets, tennis balls  and volleyballs for day use.

  13. Do you offer a tennis ball machine?

    • Yes! There are hourly or monthly rental options.. See front desk or our Tennis Director for more information and availability.

  14. What are the Main club and Rancho Cortez hours?

    • Our main club on Jones Road is open Monday through Friday 5am-9pm and Saturday & Sunday 7am-8pm.

    • Our summer facility, Rancho Cortez is open 7 days per week, 12 noon to 9pm beginning approximately Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day each year.
      (Schedule may vary yearly.) Please check for actual opening and closing days

    • Modified holiday hours and group exercise classes are noted on our website and social media.

  15. Can I have parties at YCRC and Rancho Cortez?

    • Yes! As a member, you may rent certain areas of YCRC, Kidz Club or Rancho Cortez for a fee. Flyers with Party Rental information and details are available at the Club, online or can be provided to you via phone call (530)-673-6900.

  16. Is childcare included in my membership?

    • If you have a Full Club Family or a Full Club One Parent membership, your children may use the nursery or Kidz Club for up to 1.5 hours per day while you are using the Jones Rd facility.

    • A parent must be onsite using the club while children are in the nursery or Kidz Klub. If you do not have a Full Club Family or Full Club One Parent membership, you may upgrade your membership (no charge to upgrade) or use childcare for $3 per hour per child.

    • Childcare is available:
      Monday through Friday 8:30am - 1:30pm & 3:30pm - 8:00pm and
      Saturday 9am-12pm   Sunday closed.   (Childcare schedule subject to change).

  17. Do I have to make reservations for childcare?

    • Yes! If your child will be using the nursery/kidz club, please call the front desk and make a reservation for your children at LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE you arrive to use the club.

  18. What are the temperatures of the spas, sauna, steam room and pools?

    • Indoor spa is maintained at 102-104 F degrees. (18 Years old and over)
      Outdoor spa is 98-100 F degrees.
      Dry sauna is 160-185 F degrees. (18 Years old and over)
      Steam room is 110-116 F degrees. (18 Years old and over)
      Indoor swimming pool is 80-82 F degrees. (14 Years old and over)
      Outdoor pools are not heated.

  19. What if I go on an extended vacation or can’t use the Club for longer than a month?

    • We have an “inactive” membership for $15 per month (as opposed to regular dues).

      • For your protection, no processing or change in billing will occur until a written “Request to Freeze Membership” form  with the member’s signature is received.

      • The request may not be taken verbally, by phone.

      • The “Request to Freeze” form must be received by the Accounting Department by the 15th of the month preceding the month that you wish to be on Inactive status.

      • A membership may be on Freeze status a minimum of one calendar month and a maximum of three calendar months per calendar year. No partial months allowed.

      • A freeze may not be done retroactively and no membership refunds are allowed.

  20. Who can I contact for further information? 

    • Call (530)-673-6900 for more information or any questions you may have!

    • Please refer to complete “Rules and Regulations”

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