Exercise Safety on Shorter Days

Exercise Safety on Shorter Days


Yes, Fall is here and the days are shorter, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop exercising right? For those of us who enjoy the outdoors, it can seem a little daunting when you look outside the darkness is floating in. To accommodate for this new level of risk, there are certain things you can do to be safe. 

First of all, be visible! Wear a reflective vest, carry a flashlight or even wear a blinking taillight for bikes on your clothing. Whatever makes your more noticeable and visible to drivers is going to increase your level of safety and that is most important. You might want to change your route, so you’re working out in more lit areas, due to city lights and street lights. 

Of course, if you’re on a bike or scooter, you should definitely be using a headlight and helmet in case of an accident. Wear the proper clothing in case you do fall, so you don’t end up skinning up your arms and legs unnecessarily. Keep in mind that a light layer can still breathe and yet protect your skin if the unexpected occurs. You can always take off a layer and use a thinner one to finish your workout, if that is required to make you more comfortable. 

Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. Don’t be so drowned out into your music that you’re not aware of another person’s presence. It is darker and the level of risk does go up, no matter where you live, so keep your personal presence of mind at its top level of alertness. There is no need to make yourself an easier target when your safety and that of your family is the most important item. 

We always look forward to seeing you at the gym when you’re not doing an outdoor exercise routine! Here’s to happy, fun, and safe outdoor exercises in these shorter and cooler Fall days! 


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