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Free Weights vs Machines

Free Weights vs. Machines – Which One is Right for You?

Walking into Yuba City Racquet Club and seeing all the great equipment, machines, free weights and classes that are offered can be overwhelming at first, but that’s why you want to connect with a personal trainer to help you figure out what’s right for you. Not only can they give you a general breakdown on the types of exercise routines to consider, but they can give you a demonstration on some of them as well. One of the most common questions people have is whether to use the free weights or the machines, and here is some information to help with that choice. The machines are set up to help a person align their body perfectly during the exercise movement. This helps them avoid injury and not extend the muscle, tendon, ligament, etc., in that part of the body further than what is required. The key to using these machines is learning how to set the weight properly according to where you’re at physically, but again, the trainers are there to help you with this. Each machine allows you to focus solely on the part of the body that is being worked at the moment, rather than incorporating other muscles or muscle groups at the same time. When working with free weights, the situation is not the same. Because you are the one stabilizing yourself, rather than using a machine to do it for you, the risk of injury is slightly higher. This is another reason why it’s so important to check with a trainer if you’re unsure at all about the movement, the range of motion or the correct holding position for the weight. As you perform the movement, you will naturally use other muscle groups in your body to stabilize yourself, so you’re not just working that one area of focus. Some individuals like this and others prefer to work one thing at a time. It just depends on what you’re used to, what you prefer and what kind of results you’re after. The Yuba City Racquet Club has several knowledgeable trainers that would love to meet with you and help you make your workout routine that much more effective. Set up an appointment with them today, watch your results happen even faster, and you’ll be safe at the same time.


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