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Food Prep Made Easy

Food Prep Made Easy!

The key to sticking to any diet is making sure you eat the right foods at the right time. However, the difficult portion of this is having the food readily accessible so you don’t make the wrong choices. In order to combat that, many individuals start using food prep techniques ahead of time, so they don’t have to do a lot of last minute chopping or cooking. The first step is to plan your trip to the grocery store. Make a list of everything you need for every meal you’re going to eat that week, including any fresh veggies or fruits. Once you have a list of the recipes, this should be very easy and quick to put together. After you have this list of foods, it will be simple to check everything off while you’re shopping. Now, when you get home, instead of putting the meat away, start laying it out for cooking. Clearly, this is going to take time, but you will appreciate this time investment later in the week. Whether you’re planning to eat turkey, chicken or any other lean meats, you can have several of these cooking at the same time that afternoon or evening. Baking or grilling these now will let you just heat them up later, and add them to whatever recipe you’re making.While the meat is cooking, start chopping and bagging up the fresh fruits and vegetables you’re going to eat that week. These can be sealed in either sandwich bags or with foil and it will be simple to grab them and go throughout the week. Along with the easy travel convenience, they are also ready to go for cooking up a breakfast or evening meal. Of course, remember fresh food is going to taste much better, so you might only want to do the meat for three days, at the max, four. This will keep it healthy and it won’t have time to go bad before you use it. There will of course be time required to put those meals on the plates and in your lunch box, but the bulk of the work was done when you got home from grocery shopping. It will be simpler to make healthy choices because you don’t have to think about the quickness of “fast food.” Instead, your refrigerator is already stocked and ready to go. Now, when you get home from the gym after a tough workout, your body is going to be refueled with foods that will only improve the results you’re working so hard for.


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