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Check Out the Helix Lateral Trainer

Check Out the Helix Lateral Trainer

Sometimes you jump on cardio machines and you wonder if they really are hitting the areas of the body that they claim. Sure, your heart rate kicks up and that’s always a good thing, but are you going to see that muscle definition and fat burning level that you want?

Step onto these pedals and wonder no more because you're about to enjoy a muscle-toning, fat-burning cardio form of surfing!

When you start using the brand new machine, the Helix, you’re going to instantly feel it start working! Not only is this really fun to use, but it’s smooth on your joints as well, making it perfect for someone who is dealing with knee or foot injuries. The movement reminds you of surfing, because it’s from side to side, and once you get your rhythm, it’s a fun activity to burn some calories.

Depending on how you position your body during use, you’re going to achieve different things. For example, if you want to work on your abs and core section, try to keep the upper half of your body as still as possible while working your feet. For an easier version of the squat, maintain the squat position with feet on the pedals, keep your back straight and focus on your heels as you do the lateral pedal movement.

Even the direction that you pedal makes a difference-as is the clockwise direction of your feet, because here you are focusing the muscle toning on your glutes and outer thighs. However, if you switch and start moving your feet in a counter-clockwise direction, now you’re going to feel it in your inner thighs. It’s recommended that you switch direction every two minutes to have a balanced workout result.

Fifteen minutes on this machine is a great start and then you can work up to longer sessions. Try it out and let us know what you think—we are excited to add this to our great lineup and love to hear your reviews!


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