The Healing Power of Endorphins

The Healing Power of Endorphins


The feeling you get after a workout is the reason many people do it in the first place. But did you know it’s about more than just a “feel good” rush? The reason you feel that way after a workout or a sporting activity or anything similar to cardio is because of endorphins. The neurotransmitters, created by your brain, are found throughout your nervous system.

After a rough day, many people choose to deal by heading to the gym to sweat it out, as this helps them deal with their stress mentally. However, they are also dealing with it physically, once their workout is completed. That rush of endorphins into their system afterward is creating a euphoric feeling that some people turn to prescription drugs for. What’s the main benefit for you? You’re doing it naturally and it’s not an addiction in the making! 

Pain is another factor that can cause your brain to release endorphins, as these are natural pain killers. You might feel like your powerful workout is going to require a couple days to recover from, but these endorphins are going to help you feel great afterward instead, despite the heavy lifting you might have done. 

Believe it or not, there are also some foods that will cause your body to release more endorphins! Did you know that chili peppers and chocolate are two of these foods? Don’t be afraid of the pepper’s heat—it’s going to give you a higher rush of endorphins after you eat it. 

Not only does exercising bring about physical health and tone, but you’re increasing the amount of natural pain killers in your body, lower level of stress overall, an enhanced immune system and the best anti-aging element your body can produce! So what’s that mean? 

It means you need to get to the gym and grab some cardio today, so you can feel better both physically and mentally. See you there! 

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