Stretch Your Muscles and Prevent Injuries

Stretch Your Muscles and Prevent Injuries



Stretching for many of us can seem like one of those areas of exercise that can be skipped without a lot of consequences. That is just not the case. It doesn’t take a long time and it can be incredibly relaxing, helping you mentally prepare either for your workout or your downtime afterward.

Many of the injuries that occur during workouts can be prevented if we would just stretch properly before and after our exercise routine. It’s not about being flexible to become a contortionist, rather it’s about preparing your body and making sure you don’t aggravate existing problems. Back pain, joint pain, the most common issues that keep us from working out regularly – all of this can be reduced by making time and slowing down before each of your exercise sessions. 

Flexibility and Range of Motion

The most obvious benefit is that of increased flexibility and this gives you a much larger range of motion when you’re doing various exercises. It also means that you’re not straining to reach that far, so you’re not going to hurt a joint or pull a muscle. The more you do this, the leaner your muscles will appear as well, as you start to tone and build them up. This kind of flexibility gives you a lot more options in terms of what you’re able to do and which activities you can participate in too. Age naturally tightens your muscles and shortens them, but if you stretch, you can keep them long and lean instead. 

Circulation Improves with Stretching

When you stretch, you’re not just improving the muscles of your body, but you’re also helping your natural blood flow. That means that your muscles are going to receive higher doses of nutrients and this will help you be far less sore after exercising. By doing that, you’ll be able to keep coming back on your workout schedule and not have to skip any days because of pain. Exercising will be far less painful this way and you’re going to enjoy it a lot more. 

Stress Reduction and Consistent Stretching

Stretching also significantly reduces stress, both before your workout and afterwards too. It can help you prepare to really hit your routine hard, or just mentally relax for the evening. Not only will this help you relieve stress mentally, but you’re going to have a higher level of endorphins in your system, putting you in a much better mood. Who knew that spending a few minutes stretching could help you prepare for the day’s challenges and tackle them even more efficiently? 

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