Working Out with a Partner

Working Out with a Partner


You know those days when you wake up thinking, “I really don’t want to get out of bed?” It’s so easy to just lay there and skip the workout, especially if you don’t have anyone to be accountable to. This is why when you are talking about why you want to get fit and healthy, that you bring someone else in on the plan too. During those times, they are going to be your motivation to get up and moving because they’re counting on you. On the days when they are feeling less than motivated, you can do the same thing for them! 

Most of the time, it’s either a date to go walking or jogging outside, or meet up at the gym to take a class or lift some weights. No matter what your activity is, make sure you both have a copy of why the other person wants to get healthy. You’ll be able to remind them of what they want to achieve and how getting up and fighting through the gloom is going to be worth it. Believe me—you’ll really appreciate that third party support on days when you lack energy or mental motivation! 

Keep in mind that if your partner is the one who is always cancelling on you or finding an excuse not to go, you may want to find someone new to be accountable with. Even though they have good intentions, they are not following through and you’re not going to see the results on your planned timetable if you wait for them to get on track. Be gentle, but just let them know that someone else was asking for your time and help, so you have made time in your schedule for them. If they would like to join you and your new partner, they are welcome to do so, but now you’re able to keep focused and partner up with someone for whom fitness is important. 

If you don’t have a workout partner or anyone in your social circle who would like to that, then talk to the staff at the gym to see if they know someone. They can refer you to a personal trainer who might have a client in the same situation and you can create a friendship that is productive and healthy! It’s fun to expand your social circle like this because you’re using positive referrals and it’s working towards a goal you have in mind. The fact that you’re getting to know this person will motivate you even more, because you’re not going to be comfortable enough with them to pull the same excuses you’ve used in the past for not showing up. Staying accountable is your top priority in this case and it really helps people who may not have a big group of friends at the time. 

Find your workout partner and we’ll see on the gym workout floor! 


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