Suntan Weather is Starting-Are You Prepared?

Suntan Weather is Starting-Are You Prepared?


Only in California could you say that April really is the start of serious suntanning, but that is just what’s occurring. Even though you may be excited to get out there and warm up, it’s important to be safe at the same time. Usually, around this time and through the summer, there’s a run on sunscreen at the local stores and people have a lot of questions about what’s best. 

Let’s make this simple and help you make healthy choices for your skin in just a few minutes. The most important feature you need on any sunscreen bottle are the words “broad spectrum.” Rather than just blocking UVA or UVB rays, this is the type that will block both of these ranges. Typically, it doesn’t matter what the percentage of blockage is listed on the bottle, because they all block about 97% of the sun’s rays. You just want to make sure that your sunscreen is blocking both the UVB and UVA rays, rather than just one side of that range. 

Natural sunblocks are available too. This is another important choice because whatever you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream in 26 seconds. Why put unnecessary chemicals into your system when there are healthy and natural alternatives out there that are just as effective? Do your research and find out which sunblock or sunscreen you prefer for your family and then don’t fail to use it every time you’re by the pool or lounging in the sun. 

This is the time of the year when everyone wants to start working on a great tan, especially if you’ve been working on your physical shape all winter. Have fun and enjoy yourself, but don’t put yourself at risk for skin cancer either. See you at the pool at YCRC!  



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