New School Year-New 30 Day Goal

New School Year-New 30 Day Goal


Have you ever noticed that it’s much easier to agree to a thirty day goal instead of a three month goal? Mentally, it’s a smaller chunk of time and it’s easier to think of getting results in that period of time, because it’s short. If you are looking at some new sports and activities that are your children are involved in, don’t forget yourself! Why not set an agreement with friends or workout partners that you are going to try something new for 30 days straight? 

If you have a current favorite activity, stick with it, but set up a 30-day calendar for everyone to participate in together. You will be surprised at how being consistent is going to give you more energy, greater results and generally, an overall feeling of confidence. Even if you don’t achieve your goals that are set out, you’re going to be much further along the road than you are right now. It will also help you develop the habit of exercising regularly, along with the victory of sticking to the 30 day agreement. 

Why not make a 30 day change in your routine? It’s a great way to change things up and you’ll feel better about your goals. Every step forward is just that, whether or not you take a break. Keep in mind that consistency conquers all, and even a small step is better than no steps. Figure out what your next 30 day goal is and write it down—it’s a great day to go to the gym!


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