Introducing Rigo Lepe!

Introducing Rigo Lepe!


Rigo is a new trainer at Yuba City Racquet Club who works with all ranges of clients from younger to older, as well as clients with injuries or disabilities. His main objective is to help them feel good about their bodies. So many individuals are insecure, so it’s hard for them to get started working out, but he enjoys giving them the extra boost they need to get started anyway, and reach their goals—whether that is to lose weight, increase muscle tone or just get healthy. 

As far as putting together workout routines, every client is different. Depending on whetehr they are dealing with injuries or disabilities, he talks to clients and finds out what their goals are. Once he determines what they’re trying to achieve, he will put together a plan to move forward. For example, if they want to lose weight, he’ll develop a plan for high intensity movements with lots of reps. Those who want to increase strength will work with heavier weights and fewer reps. 

Brand new to the club, he’s been here since May 19th and is already making a name for himself. Charming, easy to talk to, and clearly motivated by a passion for his work, he is helping many people feel better about the bodies they are in. One of his main focus points when he works with a client is that they are having fun. Boring workouts are not for him—he aims to mix it up and keep it exciting! 

There is a special survey he uses with each client to determine what their physical capabilities are, but also to find out what they enjoy the most. Then, Rigo incorporates the fun activities along with the must-dos and keeps them coming back for each appointment. 

Usually, the best way to see progress consistently is to work with Rigo three days a week for two months, and then you should start to feel and see things changing. Not only will your energy increase, but you’ll feel stronger and be more motivated to continue towards your healthy goals!

For nutrition tips, Rigo says four to five meals a day are best. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water, and do not overeat. In other words, don’t eat until you’re full. Leave a little room for your body to burn some more calories. 

With each client, he is very motivating, telling them:

Never limit yourself, do things in stages and continue on! 

For an appointment with Rigo, call the club today and let him know you’re ready to get healthy! 


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