Importance of Weight Training for Everyone

Importance of Weight Training for Everyone


Emphasis on the importance of cardio can be seen when you start shopping around for all the different workout tapes and classes, and there is a definite truth in this. Cardio is important to get your heart rate up and burn calories; however, there is also a definite need for strength training for every age group. 

There is a myth that weight lifting will automatically increase your bulk, and for women, that it will decrease your feminine form if you lift consistently. This is absolutely not true! Yes, there are certain levels of body building that can accomplish this, but body builders at that level are using a combination of diet and a rigorous workout routine with many more reps than the average person. 

The way our bodies work is they respond to the demand we put on them. Basically, if you’re out there working in a labor intensive job every day, and you’re using certain muscles all the time, these are going to build up and get stronger. On the flip side, if you have a sedentary job where you’re not really doing any weight-bearing activity-your body is not going to create or maintain that strength because it’s not being used. Your body only puts resources where they are being used or demanded. 

Weight training is especially helpful as you age, because it keeps your bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis, among other conditions. Keep in mind you don’t have to be lifting 100 pounds every time either, just enough to keep your muscles toned and taut, and within your current abilities. 

As you start lifting weights, you’ll want to start with a low weight and then work your reps up during each of your workouts. Then, when your muscles start responding and you get stronger, you can increase the weight as desired. You’ll also notice that the combination of your cardio and the lifting of weights start to help you get the body shape you really want. It’s entirely possible for women to maintain their feminine figure, look great and stay strong by lifting weight and men can accomplish the same in terms of reaching their strength goals.

Ask one of the floor trainers about a time to work together to see what weight lifting recommendations they can give you and reach your fitness goals that much faster!



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