Fall Fitness and Great Reasons to Exercise

Fall Fitness and Great Reasons to Exercise


You know how the fall weather comes on and all you can think about are blankets and hot cocoa? Believe it or not, this is one of the best times of the year to exercise too! During the summer, it gets so hot that it can be absolutely tough to drag yourself out of the air conditioner and go outside for some serious cardio. However, in the fall season, the outdoors practically begs for you to be there! Beautiful surroundings, cool weather and a group of friends is the easiest motivation to come up with when it’s this time of year. 

So what are some group exercise activities you can do with friends? Walking groups, park cardio meetings and anything fun that gets you all moving!

When you’re setting these up, try to think about times when parents will have their kids in school, so everyone can attend. Then, consider that some individuals might want to enjoy a healthy snack afterward, so look at nearby coffee shops or cafes. Is there a place to gather afterward and share some great tips? Remind everyone to bring their music players and whatever they like to keep them motivated during cardio, since it’s different for everyone. Some like to talk, some like silence and some like to groove to their favorite tunes! 

This is also a great time to keep your motivation picture up around the house. Think of summer as the unveiling when you can show off all the hard work you’ve done through fall and winter. When you are able to put your swimsuit on the first week of summer, your friends and family members will wonder what you did to look so great. You might see this as the best motivation to get you out into the cool and burning those calories, or you may have another reason for getting healthy. Either way—we’ll see you at the gym! 

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