Can TV Help You Get Fit

Can TV Help You Get Fit


We know, we know, everyone tells you that television isn’t good for you. While we don’t want to dispute that—we still have our favorite shows and we bet you do too! So as this new season of shows begins, this is a great time to up your fitness efforts. Rather than settling down on the couch to watch these new series as they appear, why not pick an activity for each one that you can participate in inside? For one show, you can focus on isometrics, another show stretching—there are many ways you can make the most of that 60 minutes. It also encourages you to snack healthier as you watch those shows, instead of finishing off the last of the Halloween candy. Since you burned calories, you’re not going to want to pour a hundred more in right before bed. 

If you’re up to a little research, you can find entire workouts that are meant to do right from your couch! These include lunges, dips and basically the ability to work out every single muscle group. By getting your family into this activity, you’ll not only be getting healthier, but enjoying a group activity as well. These long-term habits are going to benefit them for the rest of their lives and improve the quality of your current physical status. Now, it’s true that you might not want to do this the entire show, so for those people, the commercial breaks are worth using wisely.

Talk to your family about their ideas and make it something fun. If you’re not heading to the gym right then, you can still be healthy and teach them healthy habits. Turn your television time into something productive and then you can say, “Actually, TV is great for my body!” See you at the gym! 


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